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If your carpets and rugs have begun to lose their brightness and durability, don't fall into a trap and rush to spend thousands of dollars replacing them, give Carpet Cleaning Freeport NY a try first!

For 10 years we have refurbished and renewed hundreds of dull and lifeless carpets in the Hempstead area. As your local experts in the field, when we encounter a carpet in need a serious makeover, we like to start from the bottom up.

Carpet Color Restoration

Dry cleaning is an excellent maintenance service for carpets that are in good shape. For carpets in need of true transformation however, we suggest our heavy duty, truck mounted and powered steam cleaning service.

Working in combination with industrial strength shampoo, our steam cleaning machine utilizes steaming temperatures to not only scrub your carpet fibers clean, but to also bring soil and bacteria to the carpet's surface where they are sucked away with our powerful vacuuming unit. After a few hours of drying your carpets will shine bright and smell brand new.

Call us now at 516-206-0221 and get the color back to your carpet!

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We Do it Green!

While specifics may vary according to your carpet's particular cleaning needs, Carpet Cleaning Freeport NY has made a commitment to stick to environmentally friendly products.

This is our pledge not only to our atmosphere, but to our community as well. You benefit from it because you can be sure that our services are safe for your children and for your pets as well.

Want a Free Estimate? You Got It!

We are first and foremost customer service providers. In order to help facilitate your carpet cleaning service provider research, we are happy to offer free over the phone and onsite price estimations on all of our services.

We may not be the cheapest out there but we're positive that we have the best service at the most affordable prices.

Carpet Cleaning Freeport NY is open seven days a week until 8 in the evening. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a later time, call our customer service providers and we'll do our best to make arrangements.

Call Carpet Cleaning Freeport NY today at 516-206-0221 for your free price estimate!

Carpet Cleaning Freeport NY

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